89 [Incomprehensible death]: The death caused by the radiowave often looks incomprehensible

There are some mysteries for incomprehensible suicides, but also there are some for incomprehensible diseases. The disease does not choose a subject so that even important figures should suffer from illness, however it is a fact that the electromagnetic wave can cause a disease as well.

For example, if the gastric juice is secreted excessively, the inflammation is created in the stomach. This oversecretion can be caused by the electromagnetic wave, though the manipulator could not control an outcome disease. Your stomach should ache as a result, but you might not suffer from the inflammation, which actually depends on your strength.

It also implies if your stomach is more sensitive to the radiowave, your inflammation is escalated to the ulcer. The electromagnetic operation can secrete your gastric juice, but there is no control over a degree of its outcome. However, this outcome is indiscernible to a disease caused by the stress. The same symptom is actually created by a natural cause, hence it is hard to confirm the disease is triggered by the electromagnetic wave.

There are some heart diseases more recognizable, such as an irregular pulse or angina, which just occurs under the electromagnetic irradiation. On the other hand, the wave can cause a lesion permanently, and if that is the case, it is more difficult to clarify its cause.

If you are a long-term subject of the intelligence operation, you can say it should be caused by the electromagnetic wave. Or, if you suffer from the several diseases which less likely occur simultaneously, it is more probable that it is a result of the radiowave manipulation.

It is hard to judge, but the issue is that there are many diseases caused intentionally by the electromagnetic wave, highly likely as a result of the intelligence operation. This operation is conducted to control the subjective country by way of hospitalizing a critical figure there.

That is why we need to consider the radiowave possibility always when the mysterious disease have occurred to them.

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