90 [Prime ministers down]: There were two abrupt deaths of prime ministers in Japan

Two prime ministers in Japan were dead from a sudden cause after World War II. It is quite rare for leaders in developed countries to be gone by a sudden death, rarer than assassinations in the same time frame.

Their health has been extraordinary cared and their irregularity has been monitored continuously. If they suffer from cancer, it is known well beforehand and treated if necessary. Actually, there were several Japanese prime ministers suffering from it, which let them resign at some point before a death. Furthermore, it is quite rare dying suddenly from cancer.

The stroke is highly likely alleviated when the doctor stands by at the time of seizure. It is not easy to be treated beforehand, though it is less likely to cause a death if treated directly afterward. It is basically the same to other fits, whose mortality rate is lower if treated directly after, which implies the prime minister is more secured as the doctor is always around.

However, there were two deaths in Japan, caused by a stroke and heart attack. Both symptoms actually can be caused by the electromagnetic wave, which is actually proved especially when the electrode is connected to the brain or heart. It also means the ultra-low frequency can kill the subjects wirelessly if transmitted with a strong electrical power.

There is one condition for this outcome that the sufferers should be prone to its symptom by nature. If they are, they should die a sudden death, and if not, they might be not affected at all.

All I can tell is that it is quite rare for the leaders of developed countries to die for a sudden cause, as their health is monitored more than anyone else. It does not mean they do not suffer from a disease as cancer does not choose a patient, though the sudden death is less likely. But if this is driven by the electromagnetic wave, the disease is actually suddenly created and it might be too late to treat even the doctor stands by.

On the other hand, it is quite hard to prove these two deaths were triggered by the radiowave. It is nearly impossible to find out the evidence, even the manipulator shows up and makes a confession. If several perpetrators in these operations confessed simultaneously, which should be the only way to prove the truths, but it is too hopeless to be realized.

That is why the electromagnetic wave is one of the best methodologies to assassinate. Having said that, we might find out the circumstantial evidence toward the assassination. At this time point, I can say there are many sufferings triggered by the electromagnetic wave even for critical politicians and some of them were actually dead from its operation. Furthermore, there were two sudden deaths of Japanese prime ministers, which were highly likely caused by the electromagnetic wave. We will come back to this point later on.

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