23-1 [Brain reading history]: the radar can read your brain

The employment of the radar technology was progressed at some point to hack the brain, more than manipulation. The brainwave is controlled by the ultra-long wave irradiated wirelessly, but the radar is featured with a short wave. It is not used for the brain control, but for hacking the subject’s thinking.


The radar is a straighter wave, which is beamed to the object and reflected back to the sending point, which provides the location and shape of the object. If this is sonar, the sound is sent and also reflected back to locate the object, basically in the same structure. If this reflection is not straight back or the majority is bounced to other directions, the object is hard to be recognized, which is one of the main features of the stealth.


If this radar is irradiated to the subject, the reflection tells where the subject is, while this reflected wave is slightly modified by the electromagnetic wave which the subject’s brain and body generates. The brainwave can be extracted from this reflected wave when separating from the original radar frequency with some adjustments. This process is executed physically, not necessarily digitally. This is the current way to snoop the brain wirelessly.


It is impossible to read the brainwave wirelessly just by the antenna. The wave itself is irradiated toward outside the brain, but it is too weak to be read remotely. When the transmitter is buried into the human brain, it can be read just by the antenna, though it requires a sufficient power, which is basically the same phenomena that the mobile phone requires a huge battery. That means it is practically impossible to put the transmitter into the body for sending the brainwave to the receiver.


The radar is capable of reading the brainwave after the adjustment, though there is a limitation. It is necessary that the subject should be located at the specific area, as the radar is a straighter wave to cover a short range of the area. It means the brainwave can be cracked at home, but impossible at work.


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