34 [Arousal by the radiowave]: you are sexually stimulated by the electromagnetic wave

The sexual arousal is also stimulated by the radiowave manipulation. This emotion might be linked to other basic impulse, but it appears sexually for the male, at least.


When this arousal is intensified along with the aggression, the sexual perversion might be triggered, though it is less likely interrelated by nature. Those feelings might be connected within your mind against the external stimulus, though it should not be common that the sexual desire is fulfilled by another emotive behavior, such as eating to satisfy an appetite. It might be the case for the female, but I have no clue.


There should be a difference between men and women in terms of the sexual arousal, as the men’s is stimulated by the secretion of androgen, which can be generated by the electromagnetic irradiation. The women’s might be intensified by more estrogen, but I am not sure about it. All I can say is the sexual desire can be manipulated by the radiowave for both men and women.


This sexual arousal can be controlled by the direct influence on the genital by the electromagnetic wave, which means the erection can be controlled externally. In this occasion, the androgen is also sent to the brain to intensify the sexual motivation. The wave can also affect directly the brain to increase an androgen density, which has the same effect. These emotions are usually controlled by the reason, but its intensification should take over the control of the brain decision making and its associated behavior.


The electromagnetic wave just enhances the primary sexual emotion, which is quite similar to an undefined stress. The feeling is originally sexually oriented, but it is felt as the stress, which appears as the sexual desire when the object is associated together. It is primarily a brain issue, while it is a social problem as well, depending on how the stress is evolved to an actual behavior.


If you have a sexual partner when the radiowave intensifies this emotion, your desire might fully make for your partner. If that is the case, it is less likely to create a social problem. However, if you have already suffered from the sexual perversion, you might behave quite irregularly under its manipulation. This emotion is not aroused by your partner, hence it is not necessarily completed within your steady relationship.


This perversion might be escalated to the criminal act, such as the rape. This escalation is the same as other criminals, even though it is essentially intensified by the electromagnetic wave. It means the pure sexual arousal does not create the social problem, but the distorted mindset should create the irregular result. Its stress might trigger other type of the criminal activity such as the injury, which is a result of perversion to stress off in other way. These behaviors can be also controlled by the other brainwave manipulation.


Generally speaking, this androgen is necessary to be reduced as the ejaculation. That is how the desire is contained, even if it is aroused by the electromagnetic wave. There is one more related issue that the increased androgen cannot be reduced naturally, which means once it is stimulated electromagnetically, its density should be maintained even after its irradiation is stopped.


It is required to lower its density in any way. When you would like to avoid the social conflict, the best way is to transact by yourself. Once the androgen is released out of the body, your hormone balance should be recovered. There is no risk in this solution.


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