73-2 [Small strokes occurred to me]: this operation was conducted opaquely against me

I got the same symptom in September 2013, though it even not reached to a small stroke. I felt a blood vessel was broken in the morning, though it was a night when I had a harsh headache. I was withered in agony and felt something went through the vessel after I understood that the electromagnetic wave could cause brain disease including a stroke.


I got this symptom when living in Tokyo. The last one in September 2013 occurred in Hong Kong, but other than that, all strokes took place in Japan. I did not get any symptoms after 2007 when I moved out again from Japan, implying I was a subject of the operation to cause a stroke by some intelligence officers located there. It should be a Japanese police intelligence or their assets which include the left extremist also supported by North Korea.


It is not deniable CIA assets might be in charge, but I used to live in the US from 2001 to 2003 and did not suffer from this symptom. It means my disease was not directly ordered by the CIA command at least for this operation. It is probable that some of CIA assets independently conducted a prohibitive operation, but it is more likely that the Japanese intelligence is fully in change. But just in case, I was nearly killed by the intelligence in the US so that I was less likely a subject of the electromagnetic assassination though just in another way.


Adding to this, I lived in Hong Kong from 2007 where North Korea can operate their own missions and there was no more additional difficulty than conducted these operations in Japan. It means at least for my small stroke, they were not responsible. That means the leftover was a Japanese police intelligence and their assets. They can fully execute a difficult operation in Japan, but not in the US and Hong Kong. It implies the Japanese police have been eager to kill me for a long time.


I am still alive, but they actually tried many times to kill me; just they failed many times as well. The basic situation is still the same, they would like to kill me, but they cannot as there are thousands of people knowing this circumstance hence they are just hesitant opaquely to kill me.



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