41 [Electromagnetic control of the appetite]: the stomach is manipulated to eat more

The appetite is also controlled by the electromagnetic wave, which is unlikely triggered in the brain as far as I feel. Although, every feeling is surely released in the brain. For example, if you cut your finger, you feel the pain in your brain. However, the chemical substance is actually created at the cut finger, which is sent to the brain for its painful feeling. In this case, the actual change occurs at the finger, physically and chemically.


In the same way, the appetite is not controlled just in the brain. The radiowave controls the stomach which requires something to eat, quite similar to the hunger after digesting all the stomach contents. This is a common feeling, occasionally concurring with a stomach’s growling.


The hunger is recreated electromagnetically, even creating your stomach’s growling. You originally feel hungry a few time a day, hence you might think it is difficult to tell the natural feeling from electromagnetic, though its manipulation is totally out of the common. You feel hungry even directly after you eat full, which is absolutely pathological or electromagnetic.


You satiety center is usually fulfilled after a while when eating and you are freed from the hunger, though the electromagnetic wave gives you an appetite whenever its specific frequency pattern is irradiated. Its feeling is absolutely created in the stomach which really wants to have something inside.


On the other hand, the body requires a nutrient also by autonomic nervous system, though I am not sure whether it is controlled by the radiowave or not. At least, I am positive the feeling occurs in the stomach, which can be manipulated electromagnetically.


This is one of the critical questions whether the autonomic nervous system can be controlled by the remote electromagnetic wave. If that is the case, your heart or any other organs can be easily controlled. My current view is that the autonomic nervous system is less likely directly controlled by the radiowave, as it is difficult to identify. If you feel a headache, you can identify it, hence they can certify the specific frequency pattern to trigger.


Or, the manipulator can gather the information of a headache through many experiments, but an irregularity of the autonomic nervous system is hard to be identified. You cannot say your autonomic nervous is under malfunction and it is hard to confirm how the autonomic nervous system is affected by the radiowave. You can tell symptoms on the visceral organs, which is easier to specify the unique electromagnetic irradiation.


As a matter of fact, the hunger can be controlled by the radiowave manipulation. When you have noticed it is externally controlled, you can recognize that the feeling is wrongly perceived to stand your appetite. Actually, you have enough nutrition not to continuously eat. On the other hand, if it is not recognized as such, you might fulfill your appetite as the stomach wants, to eat ten times a day.


The hunger can be controlled by the patience not to eat, but it does not mean its control is acceptable.

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