5 Japanese intelligence radicalized with the left extremist

Japanese intelligence and its left extremist are interconnected, which is not a secret in Japan. The intelligence tried hard to contain the extremist activity, by way of converting their members to intelligence spies. Japanese left extremist used to be one of the worst terrorist groups in the world, executing massacres, hijacks and other criminal activities, not just in Japan, but across the world until 1970s.


Their control was required in those days and the intelligence had turned some of them as their spies, whose operation is still conducted by the intelligence planning desk at the police department. There is one officer called as the undercover investigator, who is in charge of black ops at this organization. This office is not independent, under the chain of command from the section chief and director, though the reality is quite unsure. Analyzing some of their operation, their decisions were unconfirmed by the director, as they had no idea what had been done by this black ops, which implying the operation is sometimes decided by the closed circle related to this team under the intelligence.


Their spies are still members of left extremist groups or the communist party, which are their main target to cope with. If they would like to hold foreign citizens as spies, they should be controlled under this category, but the foreign extremist group is not active in Japan, except North Korea, but they can be categorized as the left extremist as well.


This spying operation was likely to be worthwhile to control the extremist and the number of anti-government sabotages has been reduced. All is not subdued, but the attack to the general public is diminished, actually. However, this operation creates another issue with the intelligence organization that some of them have a sympathy on the left extremist.


The reason is still unclear but there are two possibilities, one of which is that the police hired students slightly active to the left activity, who have worked together with the extremist beyond the relationship as handlers and assets. The other is that the extremist groups conversely have penetrated into the intelligence officers to sympathize their ideal. They should be called as the mole at the intelligence, but there is a possibility that some of them are not realized they are assets of the extremist.


The issue is that the mole really exists to sympathize the revolution of left extremist, which was also shared by the highest ranking members of the police department and its intelligence division, while it is highly likely that some of the intelligence members are still spies of the extremist. As a result, the black ops activity is radicalized, communized and politicized to turn Japan for their ideal.


The intelligence members are presumably composed by the statist, partially due to its pre-war heritage, but it is easier to infringe the individual right under the name of national security when holding a notion of the statism in their mind, mentally capacitating whatever measure they conduct unlawfully. Or, the majority of members cannot survive within the black ops unless holding this kind of belief or mentality, where the abstract nation is the sovereign, subduing any rights or freedoms of each individual.


This notion can be shared with the left extremist who believes the ideal society is supreme against any rights and freedoms of each individual, where the government and its bureaucrat can conduct the country and people. That was one of the reasons why the intelligence ruled the central function of the past socialist and communist countries. It also implies it is not a mystery why the intelligence sympathizes the left extremist in Japan. This coalition of the right nationalist and the left idealist is called as the totalitarian, which is partially developed in the police intelligence in Japan.


Although, it is not sure what had happened in the US, where the same kind of sabotage is often seen, but still unsure what kind of organization is hiding behind the scene. In any way, Japanese intelligence undermined the own government, partially due to this left extremism, if not, there is no need to become politicized, even though radicalized.


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