12 Methodology of gaslighting

The methodology called as the gaslighting really exists, which is employed by the intelligence agencies. I am at the side of its victims so that it is hard to describe how it is managed, but often see them using the mobile phone. Some of them look for me without noticing I am quite in front of them, surprised to realize through the double check on their phone.


This is escalated to a sudden encounter, such as on the corner, or they can talk something related to me even without noticing me when instructed through the phone about the timing. Some of the framings is actually an extension of this methodology, such as that the car accident can be targeted in the same manner, which can be more advanced to the assassination.


As far as it stays within a bullying and harassment, we can survive as it is not a matter of the life. In my understanding, the normal people cannot continue it for long, as their guilty conscious eats out their mind within a few months. Although, we need to make them realize how wrong they are. If that is not the case, the victim might be the first one to be eaten by the evil.


This observation is unlikely applicable to children who are basically not grown up to hold the firm ethics. They might not have the guilty conscious for their behavior, though they are more likely ended up with the ill-mind, if joining this kind of tactic.


When they grow up to hold a decent common sense, they do not participate in the unnecessary harassment, but the intelligence sometimes spreads the wrong criminal information for them to engage. It is actually aggravated in Japan, as the intelligence is one of divisions of the police department which is trusted by the ordinary people, especially in terms of the criminal information.


They are going to notice they are wrong in the end, if the intelligence conspiracy does not work within the next several months, however they cannot retreat at this time moment, as already committed a crime or breached their moral code too much. They cannot stop, but they are on the verge of psychiatric break due to their guilty conscious.


This is escalated to a different level, especially when yakuza, Japanese mafia is involved in this situation. I saw several of them collaborating with the intelligence activity, including a gaslighting, which increases the possibility that I might be hurt during their operation. They are actually not so many involved at least in my case, though the private investigator, PI, is more problematic.


Some of them construct a long-term relationship with the intelligence, and they help their operation with a compensation, therefore they can do whatever they are told as far as it is justified by the cash payment. They do not care about their illegal activities, which makes them indispensable assets to the intelligence community.


Although, the point here is money. PI won’t continue when the payment is stopped, which means there is someone who is paying the bill. In my case, it is the intelligence community, but it is not necessary done by them for any gaslighting, as PI has a completed scheme for this plot, so that if you pay for it, you can hire them for your purpose. The issue is eventually at this person who funds it, and it is necessary to figure out who they are for its cessation.


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