11 Torture of the intelligence circle

The torture is commonly employed by the intelligence agencies, not just at Guantanamo, but anywhere else. In my case, it was started to force me a false confession of the crime which did not exist, though the torture itself has become a purpose after failing their initial plot.


The torture has continued for several years, which was started in Hong Kong, where the Chinese intelligence was in charge of its operation. However, it was actually executed by the collaboration with the Japanese intelligence, CIA and other major intelligences in the world. I did not realize the true structure of this operation in the initial few years, though it is pretty much sure now that they have tortured together from the scratch.


It was continued when coming back to Japan, where the Japanese intelligence, one of the divisions of the police department, has been in charge. I really would like to say that this was a start of their stupid torturing, but it turned out that they had employed this methodology for a long time, which includes the unnoticeable illegal operation against me for a long time, but also it has been targeting the vast range of the people.


This basically implies that they have continued to torture the people since their foundation, even though they claimed they were not engaged in any illegal procedures once they were categorized as such. However, the truth is that they evolved a methodology to new torture, every time when their deed was condemned as unacceptable, progressed to more unnoticeable measure through the time.


This story also holds the same to CIA that they have conducted a categorical torture for a long time in anywhere in the world, including the US. The story is sometimes leaked, though the degree should be more profound than we assume. It is just a matter whether they can conceal it or not, and if not, they just create new methodology always more unnoticeable to the general public.


The Chinese torture is well known, which was harsher in my experience, but we should also realize that the similar torture is employed by other intelligence agencies, which is also conducted against their own governments and people. The situation is actually exacerbated when they collaborate to torture together, which is usually one of the components of the big conspiracy unnoticed to the public eyes.


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