52 [Control over your speaking]: the muscle at your mouth and throat can be maneuvered by the radiowave

Your body is controlled by the electromagnetic wave, implying that the muscle of your mouth and throat is apparently maneuvered by the wave. It means your vocalization is also controlled as a result. Although, its manipulation is complicated and it does not mean the manipulator can restrict all the words spoken by the subject.


Practically, it is possible for the manipulation to command your speaking, but you can recognize it is not your word. The radiowave manipulation is at a risk to be reveled in this way, hence they do not employ this manipulation generally. However, if they incorporate a few words or a small sentence into your whole conversation, you might not realize you are under control. Or, sometimes, the manipulator puts a meaningless word during the conversation, and if that is the case, you and your companion notice something wrong, but you cannot reach an idea that you are maneuvered.


It is more efficient and unnoticeable to let the subject speak their own word. It is better to control your thought at the same time with a speaking control, not just manipulating the mouth and throat. The device to control a muscle of your body has a function to control your thought as well.


If the manipulator controls your thought just before speaking it, the actual vocalization is maneuvered more smartly. If you feel discomfort with this manipulated thought, you can do away with it during the conversation, but if you do not have enough allowance or not rethink its meaning, you might use the notion given by the radiowave manipulation.


This is not a pure control of your mouth, but your voice is more likely maneuvered starting from the thought manipulation. In actual practice, the manipulator and subject come up with the same thought through the electromagnetic connection, which is spoken during the conversation with others, hence your words are more controlled than just by restricting the mouth and throat.


However, you do not always use the word hit upon in the brain, especially when you assume its thought is ridiculous. That is why there is no sureness for your voice control. If your speaking is partially controlled, its manipulation appears as an irregular speech, more similar to a symptom of the schizophrenia.


Your preference or philosophy is buried deep into your memory. If there is no difference how to retain the memory for each person, the electromagnetic wave can control it easily, but actually, there are a distinctive difference for each memory address, hence it is quite limited to recollect the past by the wave.


As a result, the notion is hard to be maneuvered as it is an association of ideas buried into the memory, especially when your preference and philosophy is concrete. That is why the irregular speech appears totally out of the context. On the other hand, if your philosophy is fragile, you just jump on the thought arising in the brain and you are more easily manipulated more than just vocalization.


There is another type of the electromagnetic wave, which has a clear voice in your brain. It is occasionally possible to tell who the speaker is, but it is also sometimes assumed to be a voice of the god. If you accept words from this god, you are totally manipulated by the radiowave.


In this case, if your vocalization is completely taken over by the manipulator, it is an extension of a control of the mouth; i.e. you are assumed to be a spiritual medium and talk to more people to deliver a will of “the god”.


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