31 [Pain intensification by the radiowave] You can feel small injury seriously when its pain is strengthened

Every pain is felt in the brain. For example, when you hit your big toe, the chemical is released at the exact place where you are struck, which is sent to the brain by the nerve. If your neural link is cut out physically, you cannot feel any pains against whatever.


The electromagnetic wave can intensify this pain. There are two directions to be considered, one of which is to increase the chemical release where the pain is generated, such as your struck toe. Usually, it also creates another chemical to lower the pain, hence if your counter-pain chemical is reduced by the radiowave, your pain is intensified as well.


There is another possibility that the pain is intensified just in the brain. Your emotion is coincidental with the specific frequency pattern, which holds true to the pain, therefore if this emotion is intensified, you feel more pain just in the brain. If that is the case, there is no change happening other than inside the brain.


The truth is highly like the latter case. I feel sometimes the multiple pains are reinforced at the same time, which is a proof that the intensification occurs just in the brain. At the same time, the pain can be intensified as an extension of the brainwave control in this case, otherwise it requires a special research how the chemical is released with the electromagnetic wave for each body part. Furthermore for the latter case, it is not just a reinforcement, but the pain itself should be created in the same maneuver.


There is another possibility that the feedback intensifies the pain. If your brainwave is wirelessly read when you hit your big toe, that pain is also read as the electromagnetic wave. If that wave is transmitted back to your brain as a feedback, you feel the same pain more. This is apparently possible, but it requires more technologies. All in all, there is a specific frequency pattern to feel the pain, which is cracked already by many electromagnetic operators. It is irradiated to intensify your pain when you are struck somewhere in the body.


The pain from diseases should be also intensified as there is no distinction between pains in the brain. If you have an abdominal pain, it is also become acute by the radiowave control. This visceral pain originally can be created by the electromagnetic wave, which is also intensified by another frequency pattern.


There is another severe case for the muscle pain. When you get the pain from the overwork in the previous day, it is intensified to feel the severe pain in the whole body. The muscle is often sore even though the small exercise, which is reinforced as well to feel the fatigue. In this way, the normal physiological phenomenon is transformed to a big obstacle to the daily life.


This excessive pain actually distorts your perception. The small incident is felt to be crucial, which makes you behave more protectively and cautiously. It is escalated into more restriction on your daily life. For example, if you feel the abdominal pain at the time of doing something by the electromagnetic wave, you misconstrue the causality to avoid its action as the Pavlov’s dog, as far as you do not realize an existence of the radiowave control.


If your pain becomes abnormal, you cannot trust your sense, which makes you sick in the end.


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