3-201 [Brainwash for the detail]: It is one of the clues of the electromagnetic brainwash that the detail was too preemptive

The Japanese police intelligence and CIA brainwashed me not just to escalate my aggression to assault the police station, but also let me think how to attack specifically. There were lots of people who recognized the electromagnetic wave was capable of manipulating the human being remotely, and I was a subject of their operation, but still, they brainwashed me to make an assault.


They tried to manipulate me to attack their local headquarter with the rifle, but it was not easy to obtain the weapon in Japan. They let me think how to obtain the gun legally, which actually required obtaining a permission from the police.


However, I needed to pass the test which was not held in the winter in my area, therefore there was no way to get it in the following several months. Even if passing this test, there were many processes to take the license, which required me for a few years.


My plan started from how to master a shooting, beginning with the air rifle, but a shooting range was far away as well. Just in case, all of these were manipulations of them and lots of people knew a true nature of this brainwash.


It was necessary to spend several years for the rifle assault, which was fully known to the police as well. Then, they brainwashed me to assault their headquarter sooner rather than later. As a matter fact, I was tortured 24 hours a day and was a subject of the gaslighting to see the patrol car every day, which escalated my detest against the police every day.


If you are brainwashed to make an assault emotionally, it is necessary that your emotion should exceed the restriction of your reason or internal code. My reason was relatively strong so that they had realized they could not let me attack their headquarter just by the emotional control until then.


They needed to crack my logic to make an assault, hence they maneuvered me to think of the attack every day. There was no necessity for me to do so, but they tried hard to maneuver my rationale.


I did not fall at their brainwash in the end, but often visited the local headquarter which was actually nearer my apartment than any other stations. Then, I thought how to attack that building realistically quite often.


That was one of the ways to realize my aggression to the real attack and I actually escalated my thought that the revenge was necessary directly against them. I had never imagined that I could bring it down under my control, but it could be an appropriate place to die.

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