3-202 [Shouting at the police HQ]: Shouting more than ten minutes at the entrance, but nobody showed up, meant something

I did not remember why I was so frustrated on that day, but I was totally pissed off against the police from their direct gaslighting. Or, there was an enough possibility that my aggression was exploded by the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


In those days, I was totally maneuvered by the wave that my emotion was out of my control, even though I could prevent a brainwash of my philosophy. All I could do was to harm myself, not to direct my aggravated aggression toward the others.


I often spent a time outside my room where I was ashamed of a self-mutilation in the public eyes, therefore I often lost my control over the emotion. At that exact time, I could not contain myself so that decided to go to the police headquarter.


It was one of my habituation to run around their headquarter building by bicycle. I ran around many times to lure the police officers coming out, though it was a weekend that they kept shutting down the front entrance, even though they had absolutely realized my existence.


My aggression was escalated by the electromagnetic wave during the circle, and eventually, I came not to contain myself in the end after a dozen of the round. Then, I decided to go circle just in front of their entrance and shouted to the monitor at more than ten minutes.


It had been quite often for me to shout when failing to contain my emotion, but sometimes, the electromagnetic operatives also shouted, which I copied accordingly. They operated in that way to let me think that I was on the verge of the psycho break that I roared everywhere inside the room or outside in front of many people.


When I barked toward the monitor at the headquarter entrance, I actually stirred up the operatives to scream so that it was not just a result of the escalated aggression.


This behavior looked quite dangerous, but actually, I could reduce my aggression by way of shouting. Having said that, it was a problematic behavior to incite a police questioning, but they never showed up to their entrance to arrest me.


I was pretty much sure that my behavior did not breach any law, and they also realized that I was not a criminal or suspect. It is apparent that anyone will be caught immediately if conducting the same kind of behavior in front of the police headquarter but me. Their camera is actually to set up for monitoring those who behave in the same manner as mine.


This outcome just implied that the police has been in charge of the electromagnetic wave operation against me, but moreover, this incident was left as a proof of the visual image.


I assume it was shared by many people eventually, as this brainwash to attack the headquarter was stopped on the very next day, which also implied that this manipulation had been conducted by the police.


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