3-203 [Organizational crime of the police]: Japanese police organizationally conducted an eliminative operation against me

The brainwash started from the winter of 2013-14 to assault the local police headquarter. I came to this place at that precedent autumn and there was no delusion like that, indicating that their operation was escalated in those several months. It also implied that I did not fall at their original plan so that they shifted to brainwash me to create a felony in that winter.


The torture had been too severe since that autumn and I was sleepless on almost all the days. I had harmed myself to contain my aggression exploding to the outside, left bruises all over my body. Adding to those, there had been numerous gaslighting even opaquely conducted by the police officers in uniform.


The police was definitely quite aggressive to suck me down, and actually, my mental got worse steadily especially when I was betrayed my understanding that the operation would halt soon which was indirectly told by the police and spy. My mental was also exacerbated directly by some of the electromagnetic wave irradiations, against which I had no idea how to counter.


However, I did not fall at their operation, which required them to escalate their methodologies. They started the mission to acquire me as an asset but came to understand they could not compel me to follow the police absolute authority even with a harsh torture, therefore they should have chosen an eliminative way to make me a felon.


That was why they brainwashed me to assault the police headquarter, but they definitely had this plan long before. The local commander in charge was deployed to the post on 12 February 2013, when the spy manipulated an old man to commit a suicide in Ishigaki and when they also apparently brainwashed to create a mass murder in Guam.


Furthermore, when I was severely tortured by the police in that autumn, there was a navy yard attack in Washington, which was also highly likely created by the electromagnetic wave. All of those incidents were conducted by the same group and Japanese part was done by the police intelligence.


As you might realize, my brainwash was completely the same as the US spy did to the perpetrator at the Washington navy yard killing in September 2013. He also realized that he was controlled by the electromagnetic wave as I did, but still, he attacked the yard and I had continuously thought of the attack against the police station.


All of those proved that the electromagnetic wave operation was conducted by them as an alternative to the physical intimidation. The mission was originally designed to crack me down with continuous tortures, though there was a plan B to let me assault the police station where they would like to eliminate me physically.


The local police chief was in charge of the whole operation, which was why those operations were conducted all at once. He assumed this post as the first staff reassignment of the new police director general promoted in January 2013. It basically implied that the whole brainwash was likely ordered by the new head of the Japanese police department at that time.


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