3-204 [How to brainwash by the radiowave]: You are manipulated to believe the assault is right thing to do

It is necessary to elucidate how this brainwash took place to assault the police station, whose analysis provides a general idea how the spy conducts a mission through the electromagnetic wave.


They at least make you believe that the assault is the right thing to do. If not, the assault won’t happen even if they whisper an attack directly to your brain. Having said that, if you are originally aggressive or accustomed to assault others, you might conduct a severe felony without a profound rationale.


In any case, the reason is always required to make a charge, even if it is too skewed and even if it is incomprehensive to common sense. All the attack has been caused by some reasons, which holds true to the brainwash by the electromagnetic wave.


I was not aggressive to believe the assault was the right thing to do so that I could not conduct it just by an escalation of the aggression. Therefore, they rationalized my attack assumed to be a revenge to the police, as I had been tortured and my freedom had deprived by them for a few years until then. They brainwashed me that my retaliation would be fulfilled with an assault against their local headquarter.


I have no such delusion after relieved from that brainwash, which is basically unnecessary as I can win over the trial if fighting with them through the legal court in terms of the torture and intimidation as I have proofs.


My current problem is not that but I need to find out a way to reveal the fact that they have been destroying the Japanese society for decades. They have conducted political manipulation to fail the country, assassinated many individuals who might contradict their absolute authority, created many felons by the electromagnetic wave operation and killed many people as a result of the manipulated mass murders.


Those are not just my personal issue.


When back to the normal, I fully understand the revenge attack was logically a wrong option to take, which indicated that they lowered my reasoning ability through the radiowave operation as well as to make me think how to attack the police.


This brain dysfunction can be triggered by the sleepless, but there is a pattern of the frequencies to lower the brain function. I came to conclude that the wave has an influence on the prefrontal cortex 9 when the reasoning function is disabled. You feel dizzy under this irradiation and you cannot correctly judge against any opinions which might cause an actual action to go beyond the restriction of reason.


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