3-205 [More than emotional control by the radiowave]: Necessary to manipulate more for attacking the exact target

You do not necessarily believe a manipulated information just because your brain is malfunctioned. It depends on the individuality, but you still have a capability to decline an opinion of others even under the brain dysfunction.


There is a way to crack this state that your instinct is controlled by the electromagnetic wave, which makes you more easily affected by the brainwash. If your feeling of negative and positive is maneuvered at the same time when the opinion is presented to you, you should have a positive or negative view on the issue.


In this way, I emotionally believed that the revenge was the right thing. I can detach my emotion now, though it is more important to know an existence of the electromagnetic wave which is why I can be away from their instinctive manipulation.


In those days, my brain was malfunctioned to lower the reasoning ability, which made me believe my emotion without the restriction. However, I did not make an action even if I was too manipulated because I did not believe it was that urgent.


It was a result of my training to make a move after enough analysis considering probable outcomes, which was the only reason I did not assault the police station under the severe brainwash. This analysis was meant to compare pros and cons of the action, which was even separated from my value judgment, hard to be manipulated more.


I have tried to observe an event from many perspectives and they failed to crack my codes simultaneously, which was why I was still survived. Although, my brain was often ruled by the emotion, which had a potential to make an assault, especially with my detest against the police torture under this electromagnetic wave.


Every manipulated perpetrator finally made an assault as they are brainwashed in the way that their aggression is escalated to go over the tipping point. This control is originally meant to support the brainwash, but if you have been already entrapped by the operation, you should make a move just by this escalation of the aggression.


However, the emotional explosion might make them assault a different target from the original plan so that it is also necessary for the spy to brainwash their subjects how to attack.


In my case, I was brainwashed to assault the station with the rifle, but the spy let me think how to obtain it, where to practice it and the exact route to attack the local police headquarter. This is necessary for the brainwash through the electromagnetic wave, especially when you do not make a real assault even after many hours of the manipulation.


The electromagnetic wave brainwash is composed by many minor manipulations to create the final outcome, each of which is also complicated to require a profound skillset of this technology.


I was one of the least manipulated people in many perspectives, but I was quite in danger to become a perpetrator through their operation, which basically implied that they had accumulated many experiences to the similar type of the operations for a long time.


It also meant that CIA, the Japanese police intelligence and other intelligence organizations have employed this methodology to kill numerous people, including infamous mass murders.


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