3-206 [Radiowave operation to create lone wolf]: some of lone terrorists were created by the spy manipulation

The Japanese police sometimes warns a danger of the lone wolf terrorist, which is certainly real, as it is probable that the ordinary individual might be radicalized just through the internet.


However, the CIA and intelligence community have created lone wolves by their own. It is one of the ways to increase a demand for their functionality and they have easily created perpetrators by way of the electromagnetic wave manipulation as discussed.


This outcome is not just to produce the potential terrorist, but they have also created many victims even killed due to the attack.


This kind of sabotage is outsourced to their asset as well. In the Japanese case, the left extremists are turned as a spy to the police intelligence, those are hired to manipulate the potential target to commit a felon through the electromagnetic wave operation.


As a result, there were many terrible incidents happened, which has been availed by the police to stir up a danger of the lone wolf and to reinforce the police budget accordingly, or they have also expanded their policing capability. This is a typical wrongdoing of the intelligence community to play their own work


The fundamental issue here is an existence of many victims as a result of those lone wolves’ attacks. There were many cases well planned for the attack in Japan, but surprisingly some of them apparently have prepared too much considering a lack of their experience of the real attack in the past, which is only capable by the recurring felon or the law enforcement officer.


This irregularity is sometimes a proof of the electromagnetic wave, as it is necessary for the spy to let their target prepare the attack well in advance, as it is the only way to make it happened. It is not easy to brainwash you to commit a crime so that it is necessary to manipulate you in the multiple perspectives toward the final assault.


I was also so manipulated near to make an assault even though I fully realized I was brainwashed by the spy. The current electromagnetic wave technology has been advanced to that degree.


On the other hand, the majority of brainwashed perpetrators did not know an existence of the radiowave technology which could deliver words directly to the brain and could maneuver the emotion to be exploded.


If you do not know this technology, you become an easy target of the spy operation to have you commit a felony and you might not realize what just happened for long as you are likely shot dead at the spot.


We should realize the fact that there were many perpetrators manipulated by the electromagnetic wave to cause many victims as well. Moreover, there were political manipulations as well by way of the same technology, which has created more victims eventually due to the government failure.


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