3-207 [Legal restriction against the electromagnetic wave]: We should restrict this technology to save our lives

All of us should understand the intelligence community has availed this electromagnetic technology to brainwash many perpetrators to make an assault, eventually killing many people. These have happened not just in Japan, but also in the US, Europe, or all over the world.


This capability has been definitely developed mainly by the CIA, suggesting that all the covert perpetrators were operatives of the intelligence community.


However, the issue is more complicated as the technology has been outsourced to their asset including ex-officers, private investigators and terrorists. Those contractors have also used the electromagnetic wave manipulation for their interests, expanding damages and victims more far-flung. In Japanese cases, the left extremists have availed this technology to turn the government, which should be categorized as a terrorist act.


The other intelligence assets have employed this technology to obtain personal gains, which is not necessarily minor, as they even killed many people as a result.


All the government should admit the existence of this electromagnetic wave technology and make it public that it has been used for serious crimes.


As written here, I have been brainwashed and nearly fallen into their manipulated for many times. I mentioned the story that they tried to manipulate me to attack the parliament, which was an operation taken place around 2006.


This fact basically meant that the intelligence community had fully realized that the perpetrator was created by the radiowave manipulation until then, and actually, they had conducted those operations by their own. I have never believed it is the right thing to do so that I was not brainwashed to make an assault, but they had continued this brainwash for more than years.


I also wrote the case about the police cordon in Hong Kong, which was also likely a result of the electromagnetic operation. I had no intention to make an attack so that I did not possess any weapons when going down to the commercial district. I just made them believe that I held the knife in my bag from their angle of the cameras in my room, and let the Chinese intelligence eliminate me.


If their original intention made me attempt a mass murder, they failed terribly to manipulate me.


The Japanese police intelligence brainwashed me to attack their local headquarter in early 2014, which came closer to the real attack than before. The brainwash had continued for half a year, which was shorter than the one-year manipulation to attack the parliament, though I had seriously considered how to attack.


It was because I was more driven to the verge, but at the same time, the electromagnetic wave technology was also advancing tremendously to manipulate more people to conduct an illegal action including mass murders.


There is a large possibility that the radiowave technology advances more in the future, which endangers more people to be controlled by them. This technology has been used for the political manipulation as well so that our lives are getting more threatened covertly by them as a matter of fact.


We should make a legal restriction on this technology as the first step, which should be the current top priority to save ourselves from those perpetrators.


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