3-208 [Life under delusion by the radiowave]: The most dangerous brainwash scheme in this world

I had been ruled by the delusion created by the spy since the electromagnetic wave operation was openly conducted in March 2013 and it was escalated when I moved to this place.


I occasionally spent a terrible time to lose my consciousness in the past; for example, CIA, the Japanese police had failed to trap me in the sting operation until December 2011, and then, the Chinese intelligence attempted an assassination which was failed again to trigger tortures against me as a further aggression.


In those days, they drugged me as a support of the torture, which created a delusion, but it actually was quite directional, implying they manipulated me through the electromagnetic wave as well.


I fully analyzed what happened to me in the past, but some of them are hard to be concluded as a result of the electromagnetic manipulation as I did not know their capability at that time.


There were many delusions in late 2011, which were apparently created by the intelligence operation, but I was sleepless due to the torture and was drugged as well through smoking a tobacco which they mixed a downer into. As a result, I cannot tell which delusion was created by the wave.


This also held true to the operation in 2012 at my home, when I was obsessed with the suicidal emotion, definitely created by the electromagnetic wave manipulation. In Okinawa, I was also obsessed with a weird emotion just in the morning doze in early 2013, caused by the wave.


In those days, they employed a radiowave operation covertly so that they could not create a complicated delusion, but simple and directional ones every day in my brain. This effect depends on the individuality that some of us are actually more easily brainwashed by this technology.


Since they opaquely employed the electromagnetic wave operation in March 2013, I had lived a life hard to tell the reality from the delusion. I fully understood it was created by the electromagnetic wave at that time and I could remove some of the delusions from my brain, but still, it was hard to identify the reality.


Having said that, it was only the time when I was drugged that I truly lost what was going on. It was possible to lower the brain function just by the electromagnetic wave, but if that is the case, another operation becomes difficult to achieve as the brain is fully malfunctioned.


On the other hand, the spy has drugged me to create a delusion and paranoia internally, which can be manipulated by the wave, which is more efficient for them to conduct the electromagnetic brainwash.


This operation has been continued since then, though I had settled down to the single place with cooking by myself and without smoking, therefore it was quite hard for them to drug me, covertly.


It does not mean my life becomes better as I had been manipulated to attack others including the police headquarter since moving to this place. There were many sting operations to make me commit an illegal conduct in the past and it was not the first time to be manipulated to attack others, but the operation held in early 2014 was so dangerous and profound.


I did not fall their plot eventually, but it does not mean their operation was permitted in Japan, and moreover, I had no idea why they were still at large without captured.


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