3-199 [Identity of the local chief]: He used to be a handler of assets at the police intelligence

This police chief was assigned to the position on 1 February 2013, meaning that it was one of the first major reassignments of the newly selected director general of the Japanese police.


He sent this chief directly to this place to hunt me down, and at least, the electromagnetic wave was the option to eliminate me from the scratch. That was why he named an intelligence officer, not selected from the executive candidate as they were necessarily to be protected.


I came over to this place in September 2013, though started to consider the move over here in the precedent February. Precisely saying, there was a spy mission to kill a local resident near my hotel in Ishigaki in that month, which triggered me to find another place to settle as I assumed more people killed eventually out there.


I went to Hokkaido as a result with several rationales, but I could say that the manipulation is not that easy even if they can avail an electromagnetic wave operation. At least, it requires some time to manipulate the subject and they failed at that time to send me to this place, though eventually completed to settle me down here.


The local chief assumed his position on 12 February 2013, when the spy killed a local people in Ishigaki and when there was a mass murder in Guam. It implied that someone behind approved a go order, as his position was not easily replaced once finalized in this way.


At the same time, the Guam incident was related to this case, indicating that the order was decided by the CIA, even though the Japanese police intelligence was fully involved in this operation.


This local chief used to work as an intelligence officer at the place where the left activism was relatively proactive especially for the left extremism which he was actually in charge of.


I have assumed he used to be an officer at the covert team and was a handler of the left extremist asset. He perfectly fit this profile, indicating that he was highly likely a specialist of the spy mission within the police department.


This team was in charge of the electromagnetic operation, though not all of the members had conducted this operation as there were many other types of the covert operations. Having said that, he was highly likely one of them to conduct an electromagnetic wave manipulation as a field officer in those days, which was why he knew the functionality well in advance.


This capability has been availed to acquire the intelligence asset and to conduct a political plot, sometimes employing their assets as well, the majority of those were the left extremists. That was why he was able to command a normal investigation and covert electromagnetic operation concurrently and ignored an existence of the left extremists as he used to be one of their handlers.


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