3-198 [Local chief in command]: This police chief had known the electromagnetic wave operation for a long time

The police started to use every resource for the operation against me, indicating that it was commanded by the local police chief. If not, the police intelligence cannot deploy the officers working in other divisions, but the local chief has an authority to command the whole local force.


When I decided to come to this place finally, the local head of crime squad was caught. It was because there was a crime, but I have suspected this was a result of the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


I assumed the rumor had already started the electromagnetic wave operation in the police department until then, but it was highly likely within the local police which was involved in my case.


Many of them should have understood its capability within one year after I came over here, but this head might not have realized how he was manipulated. My assumption is that he became an obstacle to the covert operation so that the team had decided to get rid of him.


Even if the local chief is in charge, each operation is actually controlled by the section head. The crime squad was one of the main parts of this operation, though they could not replace him immediately so that he was likely got rid of. There were many police officers treated in the same way to be manipulated to conduct an illegal action by the electromagnetic wave.


The local police chief was not selected from the executive pool, which was quite rare as there were just three of them in the past, two of those were assigned to the operation against me. In this way, any executive candidates can avoid any direct involvement in the illegal operation.


Although this chief was a little different from another who was in charge of my operation in my hometown. The previous one had definitely commanded a covert operation but showed up sometimes around me. He fully realized that his conduct was illegal and made an excuse as well, which implied that he did not realize the electromagnetic wave capability which actually pushed me to commit a suicide.


On the other hand, the local chief here was in charge of the radiowave operation as well, as the other covert operations were conducted connectedly.


This fact implied that he knew this capability before I came here in September 2013, which was a critical information. This electromagnetic wave operation started opaquely employed at the end of March 2013 against me, which was assumed to be a few months lagged when many politicians realized that the spy community had had this dangerous operational capability.


This local chief was assigned to this place in that February, indicating that there was no change he could have been involved in my case since then. It also meant that he had known this functionality for a long time until I moved to his commanding area.


The radiowave operation was not so simple that they needed to know the detail of its functionality to control the formal investigation, normal covert operation and electromagnetic wave manipulation all at once. For example, when they manipulated me to go out by the wave, they sent the patrol car concurrently to irritate me. This operation was only capable when they know the detail of its functionality.


The local police chief should know how it works to approve each operation, implying that this chief was involved in the electromagnetic operation long time before, which was actually why he was assigned to this position.


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