3-190 [Traffic accident trap reduced]: I stopped driving and started biking, which reduced an opportunity for the operation, but

After moving to new place, there were apparently fewer operations conducted to cause a traffic accident, as I stopped driving.


When I was in Hokkaido, I had driven several hundred miles every day, hence the traffic accident was one of the easiest mission, though I started to use a bicycle for the travel after the move, therefore it became harder than before.


Having said that, they have still conducted this type of the operations that the car suddenly jumped out in front of my bicycle. If they just jump out to drive through the pavement, it is nothing more than dangerous, and moreover, they often stopped a car suddenly in front that I often fell down to avoid a collision.


That was often the only way to prevent a crash, but they always ignored me even I was down on the pavement. It basically implied that these drivers were hired to conduct an intimidation as a one of the gaslighting, though I could not do anything from the pavement.


I was also sometimes hit by the car. The structure was nearly the same, but they came directly to me in those cases, not in front. There was no way to avoid those, but one of the drivers had laughed at me after hitting.


At first, I had no idea how to control my emotion so that I was pissed off quite often. I did not assault anyone of them, but I often shouted against them on the spot. Their reactions depended on how they were set up: some of them shouted back me with a physical intimidation; some others were running away from the scene immediately.


All of these operations have been conducted under the full surveillance of the Japanese police, or more precisely saying, they are involved in these. The CIA and Japanese police intelligence have a complete information about my whereabout and destination as they are conducting the electromagnetic wave operation against me. This intel was availed for the operation to cause a traffic accident.


They are too corrupted beyond my understanding. The issue is not just at the ranking officers who have ordered this kind of operations, but each assigned officer is so ignorant of their own illegal conduct.


Although, it is quite difficult to create a traffic accident against the bicycle and it has been more or less an intimidation against me. I have fully complied with the traffic rule so that there is no obligation with me if hit by the car.


Therefore, I sometimes crave for an injury from the crash, as it might create a chance to pursue the police misconduct in the legal court, even if I have had a permanent disorder. That is why they have also avoided a real accident that they should be obliged to as there is a risk that the whole operation can be revealed to the general public.


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