3-191 [Bicycle demolished]: Each sabotage was minor but irritating enough

It became a lesser risk to be involved in the big accident, but my bicycle was destroyed quite often, alternatively.


The police was so smart that they had never demolished it all at once. All of the damages were so minor that their conduct was exempted from any legal obligation, but those costs were accumulated to the level of the total replacement in the end.


As we know, the police apprehended perfectly the legal system, as my damage was the same as stolen, but their crimes were always minor to be prosecuted. It was absolutely illegal, but it was nearly impossible to pursue a legal case, as there was no proof of their conducts for each case.


Moreover, it was hard to confirm whether the police was in charge though it was impossible for another party to conduct these actions under the full surveillance of them against me. My apartment was located in the small alley of the complicated neighborhood so that it was improbable that my bicycle light was just stolen deliberately, for example.


Even if the real damages were caused by the private investigators, this won’t happen without the police consent, or moreover, they were told to conduct a minor if that was the case.


One day, I traveled by train with my folding bicycle which was locked to the holding bar. They stole a key of the lock while I went to bathroom under the full surveillance of the police officers. Eventually, I asked a train operator to cut the chain and managed to move it from the car.


This was only capable by the police, and moreover, it was not a normal act of the theft as it was nonsense just to steal the key. I pretty much remembered the police intelligence officer sitting at the other side of the aisle, who looked at me with despisal when getting out.


I had no idea why he looked at me in that way at that time, but eventually realized what he had done to me. I got to realize that this police officer was so accustomed to illegal conducts as he could improvise this kind of the harassments at the spot.


This kind of the behaviors was executed quite often that the police could do whatever crimes as far as there was no evidence, though their way of thinking was totally the same as that of the criminal.


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