3-192 [Bicycle demolished2]: There are several special methodologies sneakily to demolish a bike

It is unproductive to continue the story more about the bicycle often destroyed by the police, though it is noteworthy that there are several special ways that the police has employed effectively to damage the mental, not just a bicycle.


If the tube is twisted and the perpetrator pumps up the air again, it looks perfectly the same as normal. You can ride the bicycle for some time, though it became flat suddenly once the pressure exceeds a threshold.


It requires some time to get flat and occurs at the time when you hit something sizable or go over a bump, hence you cannot capture the exact reason why this happens. My bike got flat every month and I needed to walk several hours once it occurred at the top of the mountain, which was the worst case for me.


I realized it was intentionally damaged as it happened too frequently, but I could not have apprehended their methodology for a long time. It required a strenuous check, but eventually, I grasped that the tube was twisted to cause a flat tire, which would not happen naturally.


This is quite effective as I have often ridden it in the long distance through the place where there was no one living, and if the tire became flat, I need to walk for several hours. I cannot die from this operation, but it is quite effective as a harassment.


There is another common methodology that the spy cuts a valve rubber of the bicycle. The air easily goes out as a result and it becomes hard to drive in the middle especially when riding in a long range.


I have had no idea how they come up with those skillsets, but this kind of the operations was conducted quite often at least until I comprehended the true cause.


They once used something quite similar to the caltrop, and I should run in the next hour with my broken bicycle to catch the last train back home. It might be a conduct of their asset or private investigators, but those were fully controlled by the police as there was almost no way to attack me in this way by strangers under the full surveillance of them.


Eventually, I decided to keep my bicycle in the room, hence it became less destroyed than before. It was still easy to break into my room, but it was hard not to leave a trace when locking the front door with a chain. Although, the police still can easily sneak into my room from the adjacent rooms, which is just impossible for the simple perpetrator.


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