3-193 [Lowering concentration]: I had missed signals at the crossroad often under the electromagnetic operation

I tried to control a speed of the bicycle according to the environment so that it was fundamentally less dangerous than driving a car, but when my concentration was lowered by the electromagnetic wave, it became extremely dangerous.


I missed a signal itself many times at the crossroad, even though I had noticed it long before but suddenly lost its meaning at the spot. It basically meant that I could not tell red or green all of the sudden, but I sometimes lost a notion to stop my bicycle when the signal was red.


It has even happened at the busy crossroad and I just believed I could cross the road if there was no car running in front of my eyes.


There are several methodologies for this operation, one of which is that the spy irritates you just before the cross and talks to you too much by the wave. If this is the case, your brain loses a focus and you start to cross the road without consideration.


This is a mix of the emotion and thought control and this dangerous situation might be created unintentionally when the operative attempts another operation with the electromagnetic wave, while they can also intentionally cause this state.


Even if you just see a red signal at the spot, you lose its meaning as your brain is too busy for other issues created by the wave and you come to realize you have done a dangerous behavior while crossing a road.


You might cause an accident under this brain situation when the car or someone suddenly jumps in front of your direction. This is a more critical issue when you drive a car, though it is still dangerous when you ride a bicycle. Your body is exposed to the outside while riding, hence a damage from the accident might become more serious than you assume.


I experienced this situation many times and have never ridden a bicycle with a high speed in the middle of any towns since then. There is a large risk to cause an accident if overtrusting my capability, though the risk is completely diminished to slow it down as the force is lowered essentially. You better control yourself more than normal to counter an electromagnetic wave operation.


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