3-194 [Stalking of private investigators]: They were deployed to this region by the police intelligence

I started to see private investigators together with the police officers. In the past, their operations were basically separated, even though they were around me 24 hours a day, which used to show that the police was not involved in the gaslighting of the PIs. However, they had already given up this cover and started to conduct operations concurrently.


It was highly likely driven by a change in the chain of command that the PIs used to be hired directly by the central command of the police, though they have definitely deployed by the local chief since moving to this place.


When their operation is commanded at the local level, their operation becomes integrated naturally. It basically means the local police headquarter controls all the operation including the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


As a matter of fact, there are lesser PIs in this area and it is basically hard to commute from other areas due to a segregation of the mountains. It implies that the PIs here are basically sent from the other areas.


This operation is only possible when the police intelligence established their own private investigating company and I have identified it with several plausible evidence. It is not necessarily perfect for the legal term, but I could enough explain the shell company is created for the operation against me.


I found it out as they named it directly related to the operation, which was why I could identify it and gathered up proofs.


They were required to establish a base as it was necessary to get a PI license from the community safety section of the police department. If not, the PIs’ conducts might have been prosecuted, even though they were deployed by the police intelligence division.


When I was home, they availed the private investigators founded by the ex-police officer and it was unnecessary to create one of them, as there were enough PIs to conduct a gaslighting. However, this area has been less populated so that they were required to bring them from the other areas.


If the police intelligence would like to conduct their operation covertly to the other divisions, they should prepare this shell company at first, so that they left an evidence that they mobilized PIs for their operation. Moreover, they left a proof of the timing when they started to plan an operation directed to the current mission.


This shell company has been used as the base and PIs can be sent to conduct an operation locally through its vehicle, which is basically a gaslighting under the name of the investigation.


This network has been availed for the operation to create a traffic accident, which I fell down many times on the pavement and I was even hit by the car. These are not a simple gaslighting or stalking, but just a crime prepared by the police.


If these operations were independently conducted by PIs, the police could not have been condemned by the politics, so that they had availed this system. However, it became more or less useless that the police illegal activity had been already uncovered, but they still kept the shell company to conduct a joint operation of the police and their subordinated PIs.


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