3-110 [Large-scale gaslighting]: Spy and police have orchestrated a large-scale intimidation since then

I thought the Japanese police intelligence and CIA should have halted their operation until the middle of January in 2013. Then, I had decided coming back to the Okinawa main island to spend the last day of their operation. I had no idea how it was going to end, but there should be someone coming to me and telling me that the mission was completed.


In those days, there was an official investigation as well as the covert operation, and once they gave up officially, I thought they should have halted their torture and intimidation. That apology should have been a task of the police chief, hence I had moved to the place easily accessible from Tokyo.


There was no choice for the police, as it had been already escalated to the torture, rather than a harassment. The sleep deprivation and bug into my room are categorized as a torture, which was conducted in the middle of 2012 in Japan, though it was escalated to an apparent intimidation until then.


It was partially a result of the enforcement of gaslighting, which used to be conducted by police officers, private investigators and street gangs from April to October in 2012, though the ordinary people were not availed. There were many neighbors mobilized by the police, though they had realized that they were wrong eventually, hence there was no harsh operation from the middle.


The situation was changed in this January of 2013 that they mobilized many ordinary people. It was hard for them to avail the local people in the smaller island, but there were nearly a million of people living there, hence they could easily mobilize some portion of the population.


There was another reason that they had learned how to organize the gaslighting as they had experienced the CIA operation in the Southeast Asia. If paying ten dollars for each, they could avail fifty people for five hundred bucks even in Japan.


This methodology was not used in Tokyo metropolitan area or my hometown, but they started to conduct a gaslighting in this way. They actually boasted to mobilize many people in this way openly against me, which made their operation more dangerous to the general public.


As a matter of fact, it was harsher for me to be intimidated by the ordinary people. If that is the case for the police or private investigator, I could directly confront them, though I had no idea how to counter them as they made some nasty words toward me, but they did not understand the whole meaning of it.


Furthermore, I could not differentiate it was a result of the accidental coincidence or the deliberation. That was why there was no choice but standing my environment whatever it happened to me, as far as correctly confirmed.


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