3-109 [A midnight noise]: Many noises were created during the midnight

If the spy did not get an enough support from the local people in the island, they should have needed to conduct their operation by their own. The bureaucrats were compelled to do so in the Okierabu island, but they were willing to run a torture in the Kume island.


I assumed he was a police bureaucrat who stayed at the next hotel. He did not mention he was an officer and my recognition was not necessarily correct, but a man in suit decided to stay at the place like a local B&B rather than the neighboring luxurious hotel. It indicated at least an intention to stay there coming close to me.


There were several people staying at that hotel, but it was just two of them that I saw on that night. The owner of the hotel had known that I was a target of the police operation and had thought for a little while whether she should have provided me a room or not.


It was a local new year season in Okinawa and she made a special rice cake for some of us. The night went quite calm, but again, the noise came from another room, which was made by guests whom I had not seen previously, as I noticed them the number of shoes at the entrance.


I could not sleep due to that noise, additionally with a swelter, hence I opened a window of the room. The breeze came from outside to hit a door, which made a click noise once every a few dozen seconds.


It was another nuisance noise but I had decided to let the bureaucrat know what they had done to me all the time. I kept it for another half an hour, there was a knock from the wall, implying to ask me of stopping it. I had ignored his request and had continued it for an hour to let them know how devastating it was.


In the next morning, when I went down to the main room, there was a police asset, likely a private investigator, at the entrance. He went out of the hotel when confirming my presence to show how wrong their operation was and kicked him out.


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