3-108 [Police failed to win a trust]: Local people were reluctant to support an illegal operation

The police tried hard to gain a cooperation from the local people also in the Kume island, but their mission did not work well. There were many operations to frame me as a danger to the community, but the local had already known a background of me that I was not a criminal, but it was the police that ran an illegal operation.


As a result, they knew me even after moving to the new hotel, just when asking for a stay for a few days. Moreover, I was known to almost all the people at the restaurant and some of them had looked at and discussed an issue related to me. Although, I tried to avoid a direct contact as I was easily framed by the spy, which might make my stay miserable.


I had a conflict with the local people once, during the lunch time. I just would like to eat out there, but one of them suddenly picked a quarrel with me. It was a total nonsense, but I tried to keep myself not to be exploded, as it did not solve a problem at that time. It was more likely that I was treated as a harm to the society on the other hand, hence I needed to contain myself all the time.


This guy showed on the following day when I went to buy something to drink at the convenience store. He mentioned a regret for his behavior on the previous day, which was an intention of the local community and their leader. It was necessary for the people in the island to make it right as it was out of their code.


That was partially a reason why it was quite hard for the spy to mobilize the local people for their operation. The gaslighting or intimidation have totally breached their moral code, which they did not want to cooperate with.


Adding to this, this incident implied that even his small demeanor was shared by lots of the people in the island, which was not just denounced but was asked to be corrected.


It was nearly impossible for the police and spy to run a covert operation under this environment. The police could have conducted an illegal operation, but their action was also shared by the local people, eventually losing a trust against any police officers who basically consisted of the outsiders.


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