3-107 [Framing before operation]: Police and spy needed to frame me for winning a trust of the local people

The police and private intelligences needed to frame me as a danger to the island, if they would like to get a support from the people out there, which took place in the Kume island as well.


This island is sized in between big and small, populated by ten thousands of people, separated by many large communities, though it looked like they shared an information what the police intended to do all over the island.


There were lots of people who had known I was a subject of the police intelligence and treated me as such. It was basically the same at the other islands I stayed and they also knew my purpose was to understand more about those islands in the detail.


It also implied that they have still known who I am in those islands, as the police was necessitated to ask a help for the local people, which could not be concealed in nature.


If it was not an off-season for the tourist, they might have conducted their operation covertly. As a matter of fact, there were many government officials, spies and private investigators moved together with me, hence their existence was kind of obvious to the local people.


Furthermore, the local government was asked to support the operation, which was another source of the revelation. It is quite limited for the police to hire the local officer in the island, but the local government consists mainly of the locals, whose information is easily spread out to the overall islands.


Considering a size of the Kume island, the local people could decline a cooperation with the police and the majority of them had no incentive to support as the operation was too stupid, given a shared information.


In this case, the spy and police needed to frame me a real harm beforehand, which they tried in this island as well. When I was in the middle of the mountain to look over the town below, there was one guy coming near and denouncing me for an hour.


In those days, I thought I could have convinced them I was innocent so that I spend much time to talk to them, even if I had been denounced for the whole time. He was not a police officer or spy, but he was a collaborator to them as his talk was composed by the police intel against me.


This operation was confirmed on the next day, as local people discussed what I meant the day before at the top of another mountain. They looked like to understand my point and in this way, the police and spy often failed to gain a trust of the local residents.


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