3-111 [Endless operation]: Spy controlled an expectation to create a despair later on

The torture would not end at the day I assumed the last. It was just my wrong perception against the police intention, but actually, they mentioned many times that the whole investigation would halt at one day of January in 2013.


This was also an intelligence technique to let a subject to have a hope, which was betrayed to create a despair, which shakes the target mentally to be hired as an intelligence asset. They have conducted this kind of operation for numerous times, hence they have accumulated enough knowledge to improvise according to any occasions.


The electromagnetic wave should be employed for this mission as well. I did not realize its existence yet, but this technology is the best way to convince the target to believe what should not be believed. The mix of radiowave and physical operations can enhance an effectiveness of the intelligence mission.


What really happened to me was that the torture and harassment became harsher after the deadline was passed, contrarily. They successfully controlled my expectation, whose failure created a despair, which made a torture more unbearable.


This operation usually ended up with hiring an intelligence asset or they can eliminate a target in another way, most likely driving to a suicide. If necessary, they are not hesitant to kill their subject and they have actually attempted many assassinations against me.


Even if those did not work, their next step was an appearance of the good cop. In my case, the Japanese police intelligence often played a bad cop and the CIA came over as a good cop, which was the way trying to hire me as the CIA asset. This structure worked well, I basically did not trust the police intelligence.


However, I lost a trust against the CIA as well, hence the police sometimes played a good cop on the other hand. Or, they made me believe that there were many rogue officers in the intelligence community and there was no issue organizationally.


In any way, the whole point was to shake my mental from the both side, which increases an odd to hire me as an intelligence asset. There had been another alternative to driving me a suicide, as an extension of the despair.


In this whole operation, the electromagnetic wave is quite effective, as it can control a negative and depressive emotion escalated into suicidal. If a target dies from this manipulation, it is nearly impossible to prove this is a result of the intelligence operation using the electromagnetic wave, as there is an enough evidence that the subject has had a suicidal intention in advance.


However, it is actually driven by the electromagnetic wave, meaning it is an act of the assassination. We better realize the reality that the spy is not hesitant to kill their target, if necessary to their organization.


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