3-112 [Suicidal emotion capitalized]: Spies suffered from the mental problem due to my counter plot

When the despair became strong in my mind, I had just thought of a suicide all the time, which was actually a result of the electromagnetic wave operation as well. I had no idea whether the CIA or Japanese police intelligence led this operation at this specific time, though it was basically conducted as their joint operation in the Okinawa main island.


It basically means that the Japanese police has employed a methodology to drive their target to commit a suicide, which is effectively an assassination of the Japanese authority.


This was not the only plot they employed at that time, but I was bothered by the gaslighting as well. When I walked down the main street, even the ordinary people had joined the gaslighting operation, which depressed my mental more with the radiowave irradiation.


More people were mobilized than before, which was a result of spending some for their collaborators. This was quite effective as I could not tell who the real perpetrators and assumed there were more people attacking me than the reality. I was so lonely to increase my anxiety led to a suicidal emotion.


Then, I decided to use my psychiatric situation to counter their operation. I had a death in my mind to look back them who tried to harass me when passing by. The human being has a capability to understand a mental situation of others just at a glance and also has a tendency to synchronize with its emotion. It is a nature of us, unnecessary to train ourselves for that matter.


When walking down the street with a death in my mind, the perpetrators were infected with its emotion, as they looked for me strenuously for their task. When they found me, they also had a death in their mind and could not do anything at all, overwhelmed by feeling a death. At the same time, it was not effective to others, as they did not look at me in the eyes.


I had learned this methodology to counter the spy operation at my hometown and in the Southeast Asia. There are several other ways to confront them just by a look, and actually, some of the spies have employed the same plot to crack their subject.


The death in my mind was quite effective to counter the gaslighting as they needed to confirm me by looking, though there was one serious problem that I could not leave away for that emotion as well. When conducting its plot, I was also suffered from a depression to lock myself in the room for the whole next day.


On the other hand, the private investigators were also suffered from an unbearable feeling. After conducting this mission twice, I was said by several PIs that I should leave a town, implying they were also at a verge of the psycho break.


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