3-113 [Miyako island]: Police and spy had a difficulty to find their collaborators

There was no future outlook as the Japanese police intelligence and CIA did not halt their illegal operation, hence I started to think about moving from the Okinawa main island, where it was populated enough to mobilize many people for their plot, such as a gaslighting.


Then, I had decided to go south again, along with the Nansei islands, and the next destination was the Miyako island, which was my home ground for some reason, even if it was the first time to go there.


However, there were many spies sent from outside of the island. There were fewer people cooperating with the intelligence mission in this island, but it was a resort island hence they can send many operatives easily from the outside due to many cheaper hotels available especially for the off-season.


Some of the local hotels decided not to provide me a room, as they needed to support an illegal police operation if I was there. After my spending a couple of days there, it looked like they had already shared what the police had done as an illegal operation, as the hotel should prepare the rooms around mine to make a noise or an intimidation. There was no way for them to decline this cooperation, but they could avoid all if I was not spending days at their hotel.


It basically meant that they knew who I was and they honestly would like to support me, but their option was limited.


It was only one day that the hotel declined my stay, but I had decided to stay outside to show my regard to them. The Miyako island was warm enough, though the winter night was still shivering. I stayed at the remote parking from any local residence, just a place for the sea view, hence there was no one running a car except watching me over.


I needed to keep a car heater on with running the engine, which might be dangerous as the carbon dioxide might fill an air of my car when the spy cracked an exhaust pile. Therefore, I was obliged to change an air every an hour, which deprived my sleep but I felt satisfied with what it happened.


In any way, the local people knew who I was and what the police did to me, which means they have still known there was an illegal police operation against me.


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