3-114 [Private Investigators]: PIs were sent from outside of the island for a ground operation

The Japanese police intelligence and CIA were not able to mobilize the local people in the Miyako island, which essentially required them to conduct an operation by their own. However, it was also not easy as it was a remote island, a population of fifty thousand, hence there are not enough police officers assigned to their mission.


When the number of intelligence officer was more limited, it was necessary to send them at least from the main Okinawa island where their local headquarter was located.


That was why the gaslighting was conducted by the private investigators sent from outside of the island. I had not understood their background, though it looked like they were professional PIs coming from Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan area, judging from their accent and dialect.


The most of them had discussed of a new intelligence organization created by the Japanese government. This agency would have been run by me or others related to this operation and they were believed to be hired by this organization as capable spies.


It sounds quite silly, but they believed this story, which was why they were willing to run an operation in this island. There are several agencies holding tens of thousands as intelligence officers in Japan, hence there is no need to construct another.


Furthermore, I believed they could not work as a government official. There are many criminals in the police, especially who run an illegal torture against me or demolished the country, but the majority of others are good officers.


On the other hand, the young PIs out there was nearly impossible to work for the government. There were many people working as a bureaucrat around me and I also considered its possibility when I was a university student, but it at least required a decency to work as a public servant. This recognition is fundamental even working for the intelligence agency, but they just did not understand this part of the spy mentality working for the government.


Their ignorance of the real figure of the spy made them believe that they should be hired as an intelligence officer by the government, which was why they were cheaply hired by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence to run an operation on the ground in this island.


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