3-172 [Police and left extremists]: They were not necessarily enemies for each other

After realizing an existence of the left extremist, I noticed it was only the leftists and police officers that assaulted me with ill-minded. There were many private investigators mobilized for the operation, but their aggression was not that extreme except the time to cause traffic accidents.


They seldom intimidated me directly, attempting to it without direct confrontation as they just lost their ways out if that was the case.


On the other hand, the leftists and police officers basically did not care how it looked like as the attackers were fundamentally either radicalized leftists or corrupted officers, including ex-officers. They were so authoritative that they did not care a rule of law as they could define it practically.


Having said that, the most of them were so old that I could not fight back even though directly blackmailed. All I could do was to denounce them indirectly without confrontation.


Soon after, I came to think that they were the original perpetrators to attack me. This perception was actually a result of the electromagnetic wave as my friend there suddenly mentioned Socialist International.


This global organization gave up a violent revolution when the western socialist parties assumed the governments in the 1970s, though the Japan Socialist Party did not accept its abandonment. That was why the Japanese leftists were highly affected by the left extremist which was basically a radicalized socialist and communist movement still to pursue the violent revolution.


I knew this fact as I researched it in the long past and also another fact that some fractions of the extremists were not assumed to be an enemy of the Japanese police intelligence.


The spy operation is basically meant to acquire some of their members as the intelligence asset and some fractions have been more penetrated by the police than others, which is why those are not assumed to be the real enemy of the intelligence community.


It is a fact that the intelligence has availed their asset not just as an informant but also for their illegal operations. The most of us do not realize this simple fact as we have basically misunderstood the Japanese police intelligence as it is one of the police divisions, though they are fundamentally the same as other intelligence organizations, such as the CIA which mobilizes their assets for their operation including the terrorists.


I realized this true identity, and at the same time found some traces that the left extremists have been collaborated with the police intelligence at the operation against me for decades.


I am a true advocate of the capitalism, freedom and democracy, all of which are denounced by the left extremists. I was their obstacles occasionally to fulfill their goals to turn the government through the revolution.


At the same time, the capitalism, freedom and democracy were dangerous notions to the authoritarians and some of the police ranking members were ones of them.


This fact implied that the left extremists and authoritative police officers have had a common ground and I have been their enemy fundamentally.


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