3-171 [Shadow of the left extremist]: I finally realized the operation was partially motivated by the leftist ideal

After coming to Hokkaido, I clearly saw many leftists whom I seldom saw in the previous one year or had not realized their existence for a long time.


I am not one of them, but I have been accustomed to them since young as my father was one of them, politically. I came to know that I could tell who the left was after realizing I got a capability to tell the police officer. When training this capability, you can tell some types of people from their atmosphere.


I can say that half of the leftists wear an atmosphere of the good person to do the right thing as they believe their deed is good absolutely.


On the other hand, the leftover had a face of the criminal as they actually have conducted many crimes to achieve their leftist ideal, which is why they also have a face to do the wrong thing. The left extremist is one of the latter.


Then, I have realized that I could tell who the leftists were in the past, just recollecting my memory. I did not think about it, but it gave me a lead to the further research about those individuals; who they really were.


This recognition was quite critical as I could have found the left extremists infiltrated into my personal network. I also found some evidence that they originally belonged to the extremist when coming near to me or us, triggering to think why they were sent.


This realization started from the word of Kozo Igarashi who used to be the chief cabinet secretary at the socialist coalition government in the middle of the 1990s. He had been elected in Asahikawa, one the largest cities in Hokkaido and died on 7 May 2013 when I was in Hokkaido as well.


He commented a few weeks before the death that it was necessary to tell some even if the whole was hard to be revealed. He perfectly knew my situation so that I thought this word meant that there was a bigger conspiracy and the operation against me was one of the whole.


Then, I realized many politicians in Hokkaido was driven out of the political scene even with several mysterious death including Shoichi Nakagawa, whose frequency was too irregular and there was enough reason to believe the electromagnetic wave was used for many cases of them.


Furthermore, no leftist politicians were sucked down there, even though it was one of the most strongholds of the left wing. He might have known a critical fact of these operations as one of them, but he died suddenly when I was there.


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