3-157 [Reinforced electromagnetic wave]: I started to lose my control over the conversation through the radiowave

The electromagnetic wave manipulation was reinforced after the loosen-up for a couple of weeks, which was not just reintroduced but aggravated than before. I came to lose my control over the conversation through the wave.


It was still hard to elucidate how they adjusted, but I assumed they changed a timing of the waves. My brain was read by the radar which used a shorter wave, though it was affected by the ultra-long wave including a voice direct delivery, which also meant that the radiowaves were sent from the different devices.


These waves are mixed electronically to construct a conversation directly connecting the brains. However, this adjustment cannot be perfect that there should be a timing gap at least for milliseconds.


The speed of the electron is so fast that the gap should be limited to that range, but its difference is significant enough to rule the conversation. If my voice is always sent before you start to react to my previous point, you should consistently follow my talk.


In the past, they could have fallen down the subjects due to the full of fear before realizing there was a possibility to fight back. However, I had nothing to hide anymore due to the prolonged intelligence operation in the previous one and half a year, and at the same time, I was nearly assassinated many times in the past, which took my fear away relatively soon from this opaque radiowave operation.


The protocol was always the same that I should endure stopping a useless resistance which deprived my energy, but focusing on finding out a countermeasure of this new situation.


In the end, I realized I could control a conversation through the wave, which actually uncovered many crimes the spies committed in the past. This outcome was becoming not acceptable to them so that they countered my way to adjust a timing of the two waves.


It also implied that their crime confession was true and they were so worried that more crimes were discovered if continued as it was. That was why they needed to overhaul the system and that was why they had loosened up the electromagnetic wave operation for a couple of weeks.


After reinforced, I often could not resist to the electromagnetic wave manipulation. They could not perfectly control either, but I had had a delusion all the time, which made me hard to tell what was a truth and what was a lie.


I still had fought against corruptions of the police and intelligence officers, but I became not sure how deeply I could dig their past crimes. Furthermore, the perpetual electromagnetic attack was continued all day long to devastate my mental and to deprive my energy.


I came to live in the delusion, 24 hours a day. I drove my car to travel around the Hokkaido actively, but I was on the verge of psycho break, fully manipulated by them.


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