3-17 [Losing air under the water]: My gear was set up to consume more air than normal

There was another occasion that I was highly targeted by the spy operation during a diving at one of the other islands in Indonesia. That place was more local than the other areas I had visited and there were few foreigners, though there were a few dive shops.


I went on the boat with German and American on that day. There was no issue on the first day, but there were something wrong with my gear on the following day that my air was consumed extremely quicker than any other at 5-10 minutes.


Actually, I was buoyed to the surface at first as there was no choice, but that place was near to the rock and I was not lost in the ocean. I had no idea what happened, but I thought it was one of the common accidents.


I also assumed that my initial check was not enough and the air might be lesser originally so that I confirmed it well on the next dive that there was no problem at all.


However, my air was consumed extremely quicker than any other in the next as well. There was a serious problem at that time, as I dived much deeper with a current, therefore I could not go up to the surface as I might have lost in the ocean. Moreover, it was dangerous for me to buoy quickly from the deep, as it might hurt my lung.


After all, my guide shared his air with me and we kept continued a diving for the next 10 minutes. There was no physical damage eventually, though I suffered mentally. I was a target of the intelligence community so that this streak should not have been a coincidental accident.


I checked my gear thoroughly when back to the boat, and then I found an adjustment of the air for the BC jacket, which was different from others. Mine was set as to consume more air, which was the reason why I lost it so quickly under the deep water. I changed its setting and dived again to confirm it was adjusted intentionally to jeopardize my life.


This is apparently a CIA operation, but hard to be categorized as a harassment or lethal plot. It was extremely dangerous but I could not have died unless I had been panicked down below.


Having said that, I had exactly the same experience before, which was much nearer to the death as it took place much deeper around 40 meters. Then, I realized this event was also a CIA operation conducted in November 2009.


I have seriously doubted that the spy would like to continue this operation in the small island where the operative just shouted a shark had come. He was definitely an officer of the European country, comparing to the fact that there was no government employee at the boat where I was framed by the spy operation. He could not leave a trace, which should be the reason why he did not do anything material.


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