3-57 [Psychiatric disorder]: Electromagnetic wave can cause a symptom like a mental disease

The electromagnetic wave operation can cause visceral diseases, but it is basically developed to control the brain, which appears as a brain disorder, to provoke a symptom exactly like a psychiatric disorder.

When your emotion or reason is maneuvered by the wave, you look like suffering from an emotional disorder, schizophrenia, depression and others. However, it is actually triggered by the radiowave manipulation, hence your disorder should have gone when the irradiation is halted. After all, the wave cannot cause a mental disease directly, but it just looks like as such under the electromagnetic irradiation.

Having said that, you might really suffer from a mental problem, just by this radiowave operation. The brain irregularity cannot be created by the wave, though there are some of us suffering when listening to a hallucination. This is an indirect result of the electromagnetic manipulation.

On the other hand, this wave can cause another type of the brain issues, which is a brain stroke. More precisely saying, you might suffer from other types of brain diseases as well, such as cerebral ischemia, cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral tumor. Your brain might have an issue of the blood flow, vessel and clot caused by the electromagnetic wave irradiation, ended up with the permanent disorder or death.

This outcome depends on the nature of each individual. If you are more prone to the stroke genetically, it is more probable that you fall down as a result of the radiowave operation. This outcome might be recognized by the disease history of your relatives.

You might suffer from these diseases as a byproduct of the operation, which is initially meant to manipulate you but ended up with creating a permanent suffering.

The psychiatric disorder can be created by the drug. I assume it is one of the traditional protocol before the electromagnetic wave is available generally. A drug addiction can be instigated as a process of the assetization, but you might be drugged without notice even if keeping away from it. The spy cannot make a subject to sniff or inject it into a vein, though you might be drugged through foods or tobacco.

You might conduct a behavior to lose a social trust when talking publicly under this control, but moreover, you might suffer from the mental disease as a result. In either way, you are going to lose the trust and the spy can go through their mission.