3-52 [Faked charge]: False confession is compelled to create a false crime

The torture is the first choice when a subject cannot be cracked for a while, which can be continued for a long time even under no confinement. The electromagnetic wave is also available for the torture that I have fallen down physically for hundreds of times.


If it does not work to crack, they can frame a target with faked intel. One of their first choice here is a false crime which can be easily created even if there is no issue at all. If they accuse their target with a false charge, the subject might accept its accusation under a concurrent torture.


In Japan, the false crime can be confirmed by the false confession. If the investigator intimidates the subject to sign a prepared confession, it is adopted as an evidence during the judicial process, increasing an odd that the false crime is concluded as real.


I have no idea how the false charge is created in the United States, but it is more like a faked information mixed into a circumstantial evidence, which also includes a false confession. Although, the non-recorded confession is less likely accepted as legitimate in the US, hence it is not easy to fabricate the confession.


Having said that, a fabricated confession can be created by the electromagnetic wave. If your anxiety is escalated to the extreme, you can stand any further stress to make a false confession along with what the investigator wants. This mental state is easily achieved by the wave, whose outcome does not look like an oppression, as its operation is just invisible.


The electromagnetic wave can revise a memory and control a thought, which is another way to convince you a false fact as a truth. If this radiowave manipulation is conducted together with the emotional control, you are more likely to accept a false charge.


The false crime is one of the ways for the spy to crack their target, therefore, if you have decided not to admit anything to go through a trial, they cannot advance more actually as there is no way for them to win at the law court. Or, it is more likely that their wrongdoing is highly likely revealed out there. The spy knows there is no crime from the scratch, hence they cannot risk themselves to go public under the legal trial.


This reality is not understood by lots of people, hence they are more likely to accept a false change, eventually led to work as an asset of the intelligence organization, if intimidated by a false accusation. The spy definitely asks you to accept a deal of the assetization before the judicial process and you might assume this should be a better opportunity, especially when your anxiety is expanded under the electromagnetic manipulation.