3-10 [Deadline completed]: I thought to have been through their operation

The torture became harsher toward the deadline and I was not able to keep myself, mentally and physically. I even did not think consciously.


Looking back those days from now, I was definitely highly controlled by the electromagnetic wave. However, I had not realized its existence yet, hence could not differentiate which thought and feeling were created externally. All I remember was that I was totally manipulated by the unnecessary paranoia.


Although, I could manage to decline an invitation to become a spy and felt refreshed to think my normal life might be back sooner or later. They clearly mentioned one specific day in December was a time limit, hence the torture should have been halted until then. I also hoped this unnecessary investigation should have been ended at the same time.


On very that day, the alarm suddenly sounded at the night. My flat was on the twenty third floor, but I decided to go down as every time I did so in those days. It was not my normal practice in the past that I waited for a little while this alarm would continue or not, but I changed my behavior at that time.


I fully realized I had been a target of the spy operation and they were capable enough to burn down the building. My previous flat in Hong Kong was burnt by them, which I had already known the truth, therefore I was extremely cautious on this front as well. That was why I went down the stairs every time it rang, however silly it looked.


That night was the same as others that there was no fire in the end and waited until the elevator assumed normal. The main lobby was filled with people, but I recognized there were many spies there as they said a small comment to me to pass through.


I went back to my room eventually after the elevator resumed and heard lots of voices from the outside. They spoke in the several languages, some of whose voices were familiar as they were my friends, shouting “come here”.


I thought it might be OK just to see them, but I could not confirm where the voice came from. It looked like there were several places where the people gathered to call me, though it sounded like a faraway to me with the light of Hong Kong night. I thought it was a world completely irrelevant to my being and I decided to go to bed to dream a different future.