3-60 [Unethical conduct]: It is easier to manipulate you to conduct unethical than illegal

The spy can also frame you an unethical conduct if you are have not been instigated to commit a crime. The crime is not easily framed as it is notionally out of the legal code, but you might be more manipulated to conduct a non-illegal behavior by the electromagnetic wave. In this case, there is a conduct categorized as the lawful but denounced as the unethical.


For example, if you fall in an adulterous relationship as a honey trap, your trust can be degraded as a result. You might be socially eliminated when this information is modified more to discredit you.


The abnormal sexual desire is usually assumed to be unethical, one of which is a sex addiction. This is not a legal issue, but it is assumed to be a sexual pervert, hence this individual is received as an abnormal. This addiction can be created by the electromagnetic wave and it is more easily manipulated by the wave, as it is not illegal.


The operative can increase a sexual impulse of the subject by way of escalating an androgen in the body system for men’s case. The electromagnetic wave can boost its secretion, whose chemical change is transferred to the irregular libido. Once it is increased in the body system, it has been kept as far as it is not expelled to the outside. That is why the electromagnetic wave can create a sex addiction as a result.


There are various addictions caused by the radiowave operation. When the stress is escalated by the wave, you might choose a certain behavior to lower it, whose combination is received as an obsession. In the sex case, the sexual stress and sex are combined to cause a sex addiction. This stress and stress-off hold true to any obsessions.


The drug addiction is one of them, which is categorized as a crime. When the vague stress is escalated, you might take a drug to lower it, which is recognized as a set to cause a drug addiction. You might want to take a drug every time when this stress increases, which is actually created by the electromagnetic wave as well.


The drug addiction is somehow special as your vague stress should hike when you have been out of the drug for some time, which is why it is hard to stop a drug addiction.


The violent behavior can be addictive as well, which is also categorized as a crime. When you aggression is escalated by the radiowave, you might get addicted to the assault as a stress-off. The addiction always has a risk of the escalation, as the brain is easily accustomed with an on-going stress-off, which requires more action to calm down the same level of the stress compared to the past. In the end, this violent behavior might be escalated into a murder.


These stresses can be natural but easily manipulated by the electromagnetic wave as well. Moreover, your stress-off behavior can be maneuvered by the wave to cause a certain addiction.


It is more manageable to manipulate you to conduct an unethical behavior but an illegal, which includes a sex addiction or pervert. Even if your consumption becomes extraordinary, you might be ended up tremendously indebted.


Your explosive aggression might cause an incomprehensive temper, which is enough for you to lose a credibility, though it is not categorized as a crime. Even if it is just a violent language, it is enough discreditable, which is actually manipulated by the radiowave operation.


Those are basically designed to render you harmless socially, as the unethical behavior is enough to eliminate you from the society.