3-2 [Resumed torture]: Torture became harsher again when back in Hong Kong

It should have been apparent, but the torture started from the day when I went back to Hong Kong. There had been tortures during my stay in Japan that bugs were often used and they had created a noise to deprive my sleep, though its depth was not comparable to the harsh Chinese one. One of the reason was that the electromagnetic was still covertly used in those days, meaning Japanese tortures became savage eventually as well.


Back in Hong Kong, the torture was basically the same as before that they sent a noise from the upper room, water pouring and beeping. There was no day I could sleep well in Japan, but the sleepless was opaquely created by the torture in Hong Kong.


The next day, the road construction was still on the way, even though drilling the same place as of the last year. Furthermore, the building in front was demolished as well, whose drilling was fierce as it sounded from the same level as I lived.


The situation had not been changed at all and they would like to demolish me at whatever it cost.


There was another issue that my fridge was fill with numerous bugs. When back to home, the electricity was cut also for everything. Almost nothing was left there, though millions of bugs were inside its box.


Although, it was frozen to death on the very next day, as the electricity was on all the night. To make the situation worse, they were left in the thick ice, which was impossible to remove. I tried to take them out with decomposing the fridge, but I gave it up for several-hour trial.


I went out to the town for buying a new fridge and was still followed by many tails. In my hometown, it was nearly impossible to tail me near my house, as it was a remote residence area, but I lived in the center of Hong Kong. Although, I was so accustomed to being followed and there was no fear I felt from them.


I was also accustomed with the torture itself, but I should have lived in the place where the window was always open to be worried of the carbon dioxide suffocation. The noise became harsher in this environment as it does not stop at any minutes. I had a vague anxiety what had become of me in the future.