3-30 [Antipersonnel ops 4]: Electromagnetic wave secretively enhances a capability of the spy

The antipersonnel operation basically starts from a physical contact, indifferent to any types of the operations, such as assetization or elimination. These traditional operations can be replaced by the electromagnetic wave which is actually availed in many countries.


This technology was definitely established in the 1970s. The precedent MK ULTRA was not well directed toward the current innovation, therefore the CIA did not have a capability of the remote control of human beings yet in those days. This experiment was shut down in the 1970s, hence the electromagnetic wave was finalized afterward.


The initial technology had a control over the emotion, but I doubt they could not run a large-scale deeper operation. Or, there is a possibility that the brain damage might be a beginning of this functionality, but in any way, it was enough to kill a part of the human population, even though not well advanced.


This capacity has progressed through the time, which can replace the majority of spy field operations. In this sense, this technology is basically used as an extension of the traditional intelligence job. It is just advanced for them to easily acquire their assets with a manipulation of the electromagnetic wave.


The modern technology can control a thought process of the subject who are likely to accept an assetization under the electromagnetic manipulation. If it is improbable, they can create a traffic accident by controlling the target, sometimes physically. In this way, the radiowave is used as a supplement to the traditional spy operations.


The electromagnetic wave is also effective to render a subject harmless. In this case, they can cause a mental illness just by the radiowave irradiation. You might recover normal when the irradiation halts, though every one of us should suffer from a mental problem.


The wave can cause a permanent sick, occasionally ended up with a death. Furthermore, the electromagnetic manipulation might create a sudden death or suicide, just by the irradiation.


Those usages are just a replacement of the traditional intelligence methodologies, but it is unique for the electromagnetic wave to comprehend what you think just in the head though brainwave reading. This is the most advanced technology and I have no idea how many intelligence organizations deploy this one, but it is actually used for more than a decade.


This is apparently out of the traditional spy operation, as it is unnecessary to hire the target as a spy. Additionally, the spy can converse with their target just through the brains, which is a more secretive way to control them.