3-41 [Spy deploys children for their ops]: Spy can avail whatever they want to achieve their operational goal

The spy has used any objects for the operation, even including their families. I saw many spies from various countries in the Southeast Asia, but they did not care whatever it cost, if necessary to drive me to the edge mentally.


There were some families leaving their children in front of my room swearing for a long time. This methodology is well designed as their target cannot complain against the children’s behavior, just to become their victim. If raising a hand, the subject might be punished or lose a social credibility.


However, it is just a harm to those children. At first, I was worried about those kids but eventually gave up as it was apparently out of my control.


The children have no sense of values, no idea of what is right or wrong. The majority of their moral sense is created through the time, not written in the genetic code, therefore the children’s bullying becomes harsher than normally assumed.


When the children are availed for the operation, the majority of them have known what they do. I saw hundreds of children deployed at the spy operation, but half of them have realized what they have done. Even if they have not understood a true meaning of their behavior, they have known it was a harassment asked by their parents or government officers, perceived as such by their sense.


Some of them have had nasty eyes, willingly to conduct a harassment against me. They were so young that I could not confront them whatever they did. If the same harsh harassment is done by some adults, I definitely think how to counter them in a legal way, though it is not a choice against children, as I would become a bad person whatever I did.


That was why they availed children for their operation. The children definitely follow what their parents ask even if realizing it is categorized as a harassment, and moreover, they come to assume their action is necessary for their code. This skewed morality becomes their nature in the end, to conduct unlawful behavior after grown-up.


In Japan, the police and other government officials have employed children for their operation and I have claimed this issue for many times, as it is apparently bad for them. However, I could not have stopped them and eventually gave up.