3-18 [Leaving Indonesia]: Decided to go back to Japan as there was no closure of the spy operation

There were more operations actually conducted in Indonesia as I had been there for months with still several emotional trauma. In any way, I had been monitored, targeted and tortured by the spy, which was more directly conducted by their own in smaller islands.


I had the similar operation even in the big cities, though it was mainly conducted by the local people, which was categorized as a gaslighting. There were many types of people living in bigger cities, hence the spy could avail the network, crime infrastructure or the PI’s network. They could outsource some of their operations to the local in this way, though it was not available on the smaller island, hence the spy was driven to run an operation by themselves.


Having said that, the intelligence community also deployed their assets to my operation as well. I saw many foreigners availed for my operation, but they were not necessarily intelligence officers, some of those were apparently categorized as assets or informants, as they had not understood a protocol of the spy.


I have no idea whether the spy contacts a target directly in general, but I had recognized tens of spies around me, i.e. government-employed officers, hence it was meaningless to hide an identity, any further. After all, it was just a fact that I had been monitored and tortured, which was just more than a gaslighting. That was why they directly conducted their operation revealing their identity if there was no better option.


The torture was lesser than in Hong Kong and Japan, though it was continued still, though there were many other types of troubles. After moving to one of the big islands where the spy could easily access from oversea, I struggled with them more often.


Those fights were actually extended to avail the local residents, which was a little unbearable to me. When staying at the large hotel, there were many employees who conducted a harassment as a management order. There was no choice for them other than following it, but they basically detested its conduct and showed an apology later on.


I am not and was not a lion or spy, hence it was a little overwhelming to me as I could not control it. At the same time, I started to think there was no end of the spy operation even staying further in the Southeast Asia, and in the end, I had decided to go back to Japan, almost at the end of 2012.


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