3-16 [Spy Operation at diving]: Undercover agent was there not disguising their true identity

When moving to smaller islands, I spent a time for the scuba diving. It was in my mind originally when I decided to go to Indonesia, though I had no plan to visit the site soon. My plan was totally changed by the gaslighting and I reached a resort area earlier than I thought.


It holds true to any countries, but the diving shop was often run by foreigners until the economic level reaches a certain level, because it has not been popular yet amongst local residents. Foreigners are the main customers, which was true to the small islands I visited.


One of the guide out there was European, but he mentioned he started it half a year before and clearly said that they could prepare anything for that amount of time. He was definitely a spy and did not hide his identity, I had no idea what he thought as an operation.


Later on, he made a fuss several times that he saw a shark. I had no idea why he thought I would become panic due to its operation, but it looked like the main plot at that place. Actually, I saw sharks sometimes in the past, which was not scary as far as it did not attack the human-being.


The plot was meant to intimidate me by this methodology to make me feel vulnerable to accept their offer. Although, I had no idea why they just run this level operation spending half a year.


However, there was a possibility that they had prepared a different type of operation as the previous plot was much severe when diving at the different island. I revealed their plot on that day and they could not recur the same again in the following place.


That island was too small for the police to locate some of their officers permanent, which made that place an easy access to the spy. The drug was openly sold there and some of the foreigners were shouting at the beach with a high. I also asked several times, but there was no way to buy those and nobody should have not assumed I would buy one of them.


Their shouting was photoed by the spy, which was apparently one of the ways to acquire them as an asset. Or, these photos should be used later on to avail them working for the intelligence operation. At least, that was one of the reasons why the spy had a network on that island to acquire their assets.


At the same time, I actually felt quite weird, as I was set up to visit that place originally, though I had no idea how I was manipulated. Until now, I have understood there is a methodology of the electromagnetic wave to control the target remotely, but I had worried in those days how much the spy could manipulate me with their skillset.


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