3-15 [Gaslighting in Indonesia]: They organized a sizable orchestration with cheaper cost

The gaslighting was a common plot employed by the spy in the Southeast Asia. It is a kind of the harassments, though it is not meant to harass their subject. This methodology is availed to drive the subject to the corner mentally, which is meant to acquire their target as an asset in the end. Although, they are not hesitant to render the subject harmless as a result, socially or physically.


The spy basically employs ordinary people for this operation rather than conducts it by themselves. The cost depends on the income level of each country, but I heard they could have hired one person for a dollar to execute a simple role within the total orchestration.


For example, they can hire five people to rule one side of the road, to oppress me while I walk through, which was really occurred. It did not cost that much in this calculation and they could have run more complicated gaslighting just spending a hundred bucks.


That was one of the reasons why I avoided going to the capital, as the spy network was well built in the main city, which was true to the private investigators’ network, also availed to the gaslighting. I went to the second city where it was a little harder to conduct the same type of operation, but they could have done the similar.


When going to the smaller town, the language bar became higher and it was more difficult to procure the local people. There was lesser obstacle to run an operation, on the other hand, indicating they should have done their plot by their own.


The tourist areas were in between those that they could hire some of the locals for their gaslighting as the language barrier was lower. Moreover, they had already built a spy network to acquire foreigners as an asset.


The gaslighting does not require a tremendous effort for each participant, therefore they cannot feel a deep guilty. On the other hand, the subject is oppressed by many people, hence the mental suffering is actually accumulated.


In Japan, the gaslighting had been conducted by the police, PIs and street gangs, though it was changed when I was back to Japan. They had learned how to run this operation and decided to spend some petty money for hiring the ordinary people.


Foreign tourists were also used at the gaslighting in the Southeast Asia. I had no idea how it was constructed but I was threatened by them occasionally. Although, when I showed them it was incapable, they were just shunned any further. As a result, I figured out they did not understand what they were doing but hired by the spy with an exchange of money.


The same kind of gaslighting was conducted by the security officers at the airport. They asked me to buy something before entering the airplane, which was meant to show there was a corruption case. The face of those officers was so sad that I could have realized that the spy could do anything they wanted.


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