3-14 [Effective hunger strike]: I could not find a way to halt my torture

I always stayed at the hotel room in the building until then, but there was no beeping when decided to sleep at the bungalow. I thought this should be a way to follow, but it was a mere expectation, turned out to be wrong. From the middle of night, cicadas started chirping intensely, which was endless at the same pace, sounded like that it was recorded.


I could not tell whether this was taped or not, while it was possible to catch it somewhere left around my place, which was actually what happened at my home. This was eventually confirmed as they put a cricket into the drain where it was impossible to get in. I actually took it out after pulling a metal structure. My bedroom is located far away for any greens, hence it is impossible to keep insects around there. The only option is to keep in the trapped area, which was why their plot was revealed eventually.


Anyway, I have no idea whether it was recorded or not, though I was so angry to decide not to go out. It was an independent bungalow so that it was not problematic for the hotel even when locking myself in the room.


I did not remember how long it was continued, though the hotel manager asked me to get out of the room on the second day. I did not eat anything and attempted an effective hunger strike, which looked like suffering many related people.


When in Hong Kong, I tried not to exercise a hunger strike as it was assumed to be a serious protest against the government in China. It works actually sometimes and they might halt their tortures, but it should increase a risk of assassination. I had been nearly killed for several times in Hong Kong, hence I would not like to increase its probability more than that.


On the other hand, there is no culture like that in Southeast Asia, therefore I assumed this methodology could be employed there. My plot likely worked to cause a fear amongst politicians and police bureaucrats in Japan. My hunger strike might have escalated a criticism against them, which was why they would like to stop it as soon as possible.


I had no idea what the CIA thought about it. They plotted many times of my death so that a hunger strike should be assumed as one of the necessary evils. This recognition should have been a consensus to the global intelligence community, excluding the Japanese police intelligence.


My intention was to drive men in power to the edge with a hunger strike, but the hotel manager frequently visited my room to ask to leave a room for a while and eventually followed them, as I was so sympathetic to their position. This trial should have some effect, though the torture would not be halted and the spy was still hyperactive to suck me down.


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