3-13 [Direct operation of field agents]: Hard to hire English speakers for their ops in smaller islands

The spy operation continued even when leaving a big city to smaller islands. I came to understand they had no intention to give up wherever I went, but their operation became apparent in a small island.


The gaslighting and harassment were inevitable in the big city, which held true in Indonesia, even though less intense than before. The issue was my anxiety increased due to an unfamiliar environment with many people, which I had no idea what was the next to come. On the other hand, the smaller islands were less populated with lesser chances to conduct an operation, where the spy operation became distinctive.


For example, I had been nearly involved in the car accident for many times with a 30-minute taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. There were many unconceivable rushing-out, which was apparently a result of the intelligence plot.


This kind of operations continued later on, which was a normal protocol of theirs, but it was so apparent and unmistakable in smaller islands. This type of operations was rare in the big city, as it was basically unnecessary as there were more opportunities that they could exploit.


The environment was not so different in the hotel, but there was no beeping on the first day that they might be not just ready, as it was a locally owned resort hotel. On the other hand, the spy had directly confronted in the hotel to hint an issue which they tried to frame me as usual.


The spy looked like employing a unique methodology to look me in the eye with an admonishment to win a surrender. They might have believed I really had something wrong to make a confession.


Thinking about it for a while, I decided to look them back with despisal for several minutes in the eye. They could not stand that tactic and left the scene. Then, the local workers laughed at this situation, implying they knew I was a target of spies staying at this hotel.


I realized the fact that the spy could not use local people in the same manner as of the big city. In that island, there were fewer people capable of speaking English and they could not employ them an operation to avail a complicated language. That was why they should have done each operation by their own.


However, I had got the same type of gaslighting for a year and went through numerous tortures, hence there was no way to drive me to the edge in this manner. That was why I thought they were driven to the edge contrarily that there was no other choice for them to run an operation by themselves.


This recognition was simply wrong. Their operational methodologies came to be limited but the overall intelligence community was still intact to conduct an extreme exercise.


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